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How is a Labiaplasty Performed?


A once trending surgery, labiaplasties have become a common procedure at Clinique Evolution. As seen on Injections & Bistouris saison 2, Dr. Genevieve F-Caron performs labiaplasties to reduce the excess skin on the female genitalia, for esthetic reasons but also to improve comfort with common tighter clothing wear, such as leggings, but also during [...]

How is a Labiaplasty Performed?2024-03-21T16:59:12-04:00

Why Labiaplasties are Gaining Popularity


In recent years, labiaplasty surgery has emerged as a popular procedure in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. As interest and awareness of female genital cosmetic surgery grows, more individuals are seeking surgical solutions to address their concerns and enhance their confidence. At Clinique Evolution, we specialize in labiaplasty procedures and provide trusted care [...]

Why Labiaplasties are Gaining Popularity2023-08-02T15:20:55-04:00

Things to do Before Surgery to Promote Positive Outcomes


When it comes to undergoing surgery, proper preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and successful outcome. At Clinique Evolution, we understand the importance of taking proactive steps before your surgical procedure to optimize your results and minimize risks. As experts in surgical procedures, we are committed to guiding you through the preparation process. Let's [...]

Things to do Before Surgery to Promote Positive Outcomes2023-06-19T12:49:31-04:00

Clinique Evolution and the Murphy Clinic


We are proud to present our partnership between our two clinics. The Murphy Clinic is a medico-aesthetic clinic established 13 years ago. Thanks to this partnership, we can now offer you several types of technologies and medications to take care of your body and face. Such as: The Soprano Titanium: Our laser hair removal [...]

Clinique Evolution and the Murphy Clinic2023-04-06T13:15:57-04:00
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