Speech-Language Pathology Service

Speech-Language Pathology is a profession that requires a Masters of Science degree in speech-language pathology and membership in a professional order. In addition to these theoretical and clinical requirements, a speech-language pathologist must be an individual who is passionate and empathetic, with excellent listening and observational skills, who is committed to life-long learning in order to continuously remain up to date with the advances in their speciality.

The speech-language pathologists at Clinique Evolution perform the following duties: conduct speech and language screenings, evaluate clients, provide clinical impressions, redirect clients to other professionals as needed, educate individuals and provide interventions for various problems, delays or disorders involving communication, language, articulation, voice, and swallowing. These duties are conducted in a warm, respectful and accessible environment.

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Occupational Therapy Service

Occupational therapy is a client-centred profession that aims to support and help people to accomplish their daily activities, from taking care of oneself, to leisure activities and mobility around the home. An occupational therapist is a rehabilitation professional who evaluates and implements interventions for individuals who have motor, perception/ sensory, cognitive or emotional deficits.

The intervention is primarily based on prevention, re-education, readaptation and rehabilitation through activity. This allows the clients to improve or increase their capacity to participate in everyday life, to engage socially, to enjoy a good quality of life, and to achieve personal satisfaction.

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Psychology / Neuropsychology

Service in french only

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The Padovan method Service

Neurofunctional reorganization (NFR) or the Padovan® method takes into account human development globally and stresses the interdependence of three basic steps: walking, talking, and thinking. Each of these steps is necessary for the harmonious development of the individual. Thus, a delay or disorder (language, motor, articulation, learning, etc.) reflects a dysfunctional and compensatory organization of the nervous system that prevents the individual from optimally developing their skills in motor, sensory, cognitive and social aspects.

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The clinic

Clinique ÉVOLUTION provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where all your needs in speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, psychology, neuropsychology are met. The clinic offers two locations in the boroughs of Lasalle.

Our therapists and clinicians offer a wide range of services to a large clientele: toddlers, pre-schoolers, school aged children and adults with various problems.

We offer services such as screening, prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation in speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, psychology and neuropsychology. We also offer a more global method based on the Padovan® Method. The slogan of the clinic “let’s walk, let’s talk, let’s think”(« marchons-parlons-pensons ») is inspired by the fundamental interrelationships that this approach highlights in human development.

Our mission is to understand your needs, and we share your values:

  • Honesty, accessibility, integrity;
  • Quality of service and professionalism;
  • Multidisciplinary teamwork;
  • Partnership between parent-child-therapist allowing clients to achieve their goals more effectively.

The team

Our team offers a personalized service that promotes the development of confidence and self-esteem in a congenial, family environment. Self-realization, increased autonomy in daily life and improved academic success are our goals to improve the quality of life of our clients.

Each therapist develops a specific therapy to provide a unique service that meets the needs of every child, teenager and adult facing various obstacles at a specific time in their lives. A detailed assessment is conducted to identify the parent’s priorities and concerns in connection with the development of their child. We work closely with parents so that in turn their child can apply things taught during therapy, in their daily life.

Our team

Haley Mckitterick

Occupational Therapist, M.Sc.S.

« The clinic offers flexibility in terms of schedules and services. It is unique in that it provides a warm and friendly environment. »

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Stefania Corneli

Speech Language Pathologist

« Clinique Évolution allows me to work with a multidisciplinary team that encourages learning and the sharing of experience and knowledge. »

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Matthew Legouffe

Academic Tutor

« Having the ability to be a part of the process of seeing our clients succeed is priceless.
At Clinique Evolution, we are dedicated to your success »

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Sylvie Bagnato

Secretary – Receptionist

« My challenge is to respond to the needs of all of our clients everyday ! »

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