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    Clinique Évolution offers innovative, effective and efficient cosmetic surgery in Montreal. Through an abundance of options for non-surgical treatments and plastic surgery, Montreal-area men and women have multiple routes to attain their esthetic goals.


    Patients can contact our clinic to schedule an appointment however they feel comfortable – text message, phone call or a message through our website. We will find the most convenient time for your treatment or procedure, discuss any concerns you have, and answer all questions with the utmost privacy.


    The cosmetic surgery techniques and non-surgical treatments used by Clinique Évolution are innovative, modern and proven to produce the desired change in your appearance. Our practice uses techniques established through the latest research in aesthetic medicine science, so no matter your goal, you can be confident that you will achieve your ideal look.


    Dr. Ferland-Caron is renowned as a plastic surgeon for her commitment to achieving fantastic results for every patient. As a member of multiple professional organizations for plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, her reputation for precision, efficiency and quality of care crosses international borders, making her one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in the province.


    So many satisfied patients recommend Dr. Caron’s moderate approach to optimizing natural beauty because every step in the process – from initial consultation through to post-surgery care and follow up – is designed to protect your health and help you achieve your goals.


    DR. GENEVIÈVE FERLAND-CARONPlastic Surgery Specialist

    Dr Geneviève F. Caron is a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in plastic surgery, with a sub-specialty in cosmetic surgery. She is known for her expertise and experience, always building strong relationships with her patients. Her experience is built upon a lifetime of study and she relocated to Montreal following two years of subspecialization training in Western Canada with internationally renowned doctors Dr. E. Tredget (reconstruction and wound healing) and Dr. E Hall-Findlay (cosmetic surgery).

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    Offering comprehensive options for non-surgical treatments and  plastic surgery in Montreal, our clinic focuses on the maintenance of natural beauty through innovative and efficient techniques.

    Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure for a woman to reduce enlarged labia minora.

    Whether for breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, the revision of existing breast implants or an intervention on an inverted nipple, the team at the Clinique Evolution will be able to support you in your efforts.

    Body surgeries, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction, remove excess fat and tighten skin through a variety of techniques to achieve a more desirable contour.

    We offer several types of skin treatments to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, minimize scars and achieve other goals. We find what’s best for individual skin types and help set realistic expectations during the consultation process.

    Non-invasive treatments, such as hydradermabrasion procedures and injections, are proven techniques that produce fast results with minimal recovery time.

    As more and more patient stories emerge, it’s clear that men are making the decision to receive cosmetic procedures at higher rates than ever before. Whether you want to address gynecomastia, thinning hair or sagging skin, you have a variety of non-invasive treatments and cosmetic surgery techniques to choose from.


    Visiting Clinique Evolution with Dr. Geneviève F-Caron


    View before & after photos of surgery and non-surgical procedures.

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    I had a Labiaplasty with Dr Caron and wow, everything went smoothly, almost no pain, I was playing Tetris on my phone during surgery, not feeling a thing.. Love the result. She is the best! Efficient and meticulous.

    Dr Caron knows what she is doing, she did an amazing surgery on my nose,( I had a severe bike accident ) after some interventions, I am as good as before, many thanks to her. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND HER SERVICE! YOU WILL BE PLEASE

    Really happy with my surgery! I had A breast augmentation 6 months ago and it’s perfect! Dr FCaron is really nice and care a lot about her patients. I strongly recommend her and her team!

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