Padovan Method®



The Padovan® Method is a re-education tool, which considers the individual as a whole. The clinician observes the patient instead of their symptoms.

By tracing the main stages in the development of the human being, the therapist seeks to build or repair “highways” in the brain of the individual. Thus, all the information that enters and leaves the brain, can circulate faster, which will improve the overall functioning of the individual.

The Neuro-Functional Reorganization can be used at any stage of life, to restore “these damaged highways” due to a development delay, or an accident.

With this approach, speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists at Clinique Evolution share their knowledge and experience with you to help each client “reach their full potential”.

How was the Padovan®
Method born?

In the 1970s, Béatrice Padovan, speech-language pathologist and creator of this method, met many children presenting both academic difficulties and language or motor disorders. In this sense, she sought to change her practice: how to focus on the individual as a whole, rather than treating only the symptoms one by one?

To answer this question, she drew on the work of Rudolf Steiner1, who highlighted the relationship between WALK, TALK, and THINK, and those of Temple Fay2, who demonstrated that the neurological organization of development was the same for all children. Gathering her theoretical research and observations, she created a sequence of exercises, combining motor, language and cognitive processes.

Today, this method is shared by practitioners around the world. Each year, university-level students complete research memoirs on this method so that it is always up-to-date.

How does the Padovan®
Method work?

The brain and nervous system are central to humans. They develop in a natural, dynamic and complex process that leads to neurological maturation. This neurological development allows the individual to fully utilize his motor, cognitive, sensory, social, behavioral and other abilities.

But this maturation can be altered and lead to compensations or imbalances that may hinder initial acquisitions and fundamental learning: WALKING, TALKING, THINKING.

However, any malfunction is not inevitable. The neuro-functional reorganization allows the finding of a more optimal organization of the nervous system and to promote the development of the natural capacities of the human being. It is then for the therapist to undo the bad habits put in place by the individual to allow the brain to install new patterns, more conducive to harmonious development.

This reorganization is possible thanks to the phenomenon of brain plasticity which intervenes throughout life and which is responsible for the motor and sensory organization of the brain as well as learning and memorization in children and adults.

Whether in a very young child with developmental delay, in a child with an attention deficit disorder, reading and writing difficulties, or in an adult stroke victim, the Padovan Method may be an adequate tool.

Méthode Padovan®

Walk, talk, think

The NFR is based on three human activities that are inseparable from each other: walk-talk-think.

Chronologically, development is in this direction. If the first step, walking, is not properly implemented, it is likely that the following will be imbalanced or dysfunctional. Indeed, these three major neuro-evolutionary movements are linked: the motor and sensory bases of the walk create the neurological foundations of speech and then of thought.

These three activities represent the basis of the normal development of the individual. The Padovan® Method takes each of these steps, ensuring that each step is stable enough to achieve the desired harmony. It is a natural and physiological method that respects the logical sequence of human development and whose benefits are now recognized.

how does this happen?

The Padovan® method is also based on three principles


The nervous system needs repetition to integrate all the information that is given to it. This is why, at each session, the same series of motor, oral-facial and ocular movements is reproduced, respecting the logic of the normal development of an individual. The repetition of these stimulations is necessary for the good formation of the links between each neuron in order to create functional networks


Sessions last between 50 and 60 minutes. A minimum frequency of twice a week is recommended to allow the brain to record new movements and to deprogram previous compensations.


Each exercise is accompanied by a poem, song or nursery rhyme recited by the therapist. The poem aims to materialize the rhythm that constitutes the human body (heartbeat, respiratory, palpebral, etc.) and aims to impregnate the individual and their nervous system. In addition, the auditory and linguistic stimulation makes it possible to integrate syntactic and lexical structures, but also to allow the patient to think of something else and to relax during the execution of the movements.

How is the Padovan®
Method beneficial?

It is important to specify that the body of each individual will react differently to the interventions.

The changes observed will not necessarily be directly related to the initial reason for consultation, but other spheres of development may evolve before reaching the expected results

After a few months of therapy,
our patients often report
the following changes:

  • A body that moves better, a precision of movement
    and a better balance
  • Better orientation in space and time
  • An easier and more adapted communication (pragmatic, organization of speech, written language …)
  • Better memory, learning, abstraction skills
  • Better sleep
  • A revival of vitality
  • Better management of emotions, less anxiety and frustration
  • Self-confidence and openness to others
  • Behavioral modifications
  • Etc., …

It is important to understand that the effects of such an intervention depend on many factors. We must take into account the initial level of motor and sensory organization of the individual, that is to say the starting point, as well as the nature of the disorder (ASD, learning disorders, down’s syndrome, stroke …).

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The services are offered by Padovan therapists in training, associated with the practice of the Padovan® Method of Neuro-Functional Reorganization.
Therapists (speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and “agentes de correction du langage”) respect the limits of their profession.