Process and fees

Consultation and screening

The first step is to contact us so we can discuss the basis for your concerns. Following our discussion, it is important to book a first appointment to explore the reason for your consultation and gather the relevant information about your case history and/or that of your child, and to determine the need for an evaluation.

Note: The consultations fees are deductible if the complete evaluation starts during the first meeting.



The evaluation is an essential step. It allows us to identify the problems, which will allow us to address them with maximum precision. The evaluation is based on standardized steps and informal activities. The results obtained allow us to identify the difficulties and act quickly. Once the difficulty is identified, therapy can begin.

The cost of the evaluation varies depending on the difficulties or problems that need to be addressed.

For more information about the evaluation fees, please contact us directly at: 514-224-8822.

A written report of the evaluation is required by our professional Orders and needs to be completed if you wish to have a evaluation. Therefore, it is not possible to refuse the report following the evaluation meetings.


Therapy (rehabilitation)

Therapy is initiated following the assessment. It will address the problem or problems raised in the evaluation session. Therapy is conducted in conjunction with the specific goals established specifically for the client.

The duration of therapy is varies from problem to problem and from client to client, therefore it is not predictable. There are several factors that can impact the length and frequency of the sessions, for example, age, target problem, severity, appointment frequency, frequency and regularity of exercises practiced at home, the attention and capacity of the client to integrate information etc.

Speech Pathology and Occupationnal Therapy
Therapy Fees (per session)
50-minute session 100 $
25-minute session 62 $
Padovan® session child
(under 16)
110 $(1 therapist)
165 $(2 therapists)
Padovan® session adult 120 $(1 therapist)
175 $(2 therapists)


Psychology or Neuropsychology
Therapy Fees (per session)
45-minute session 130 $

* Ask the receptionist about our different rates/packages we have available !


Reimbursement of fees

A receipt is issued after each meeting.

Several insurance companies reimburse some or all costs related to professional services.

Contact your insurer to inform yourself.



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