Consultation and screening

First of all, it is a matter of contacting us so that we can discuss the fundamentals of your worries. As a result of our discussion, it will be important to make a first appointment in order to bring out the reason for your consultation and to gather various information about your history, or that of your child, and to determine the need to do an evaluation.

Note: The consultation fees will count towards the full assessment if this starts at the first meeting.


Evaluation is an essential step: it allows us to identify the issues in order to address them with as much accuracy as possible. It is carried out using various formal tests and informal activities. The results obtained allow us to identify the difficulties and therefore act more quickly. When the problem is targeted, we can start the therapy.

For Speech an Occupational Therapy: The cost of the evaluation varies according to the issues to be investigated.

For information on evaluation rates, contact us directly: 514-224-8822.

For Neuropsychology: The fees are 120$/hour. Ask the receptionist about our different available plans. 514-224-8822..

Note: Even though there is no obligation for you to retrieve a report following an evaluation, the writing of the evaluation report is an act required by our Professional Orders and will necessarily be completed if you want an evaluation. It is therefore not possible to discuss the total price of the evaluation, under the guise that you do not wish to receive the report.

Therapy (re-education)

Therapy is started as a result of the assessment. It allows you to work on the problem (s) identified in the evaluation session. It is done in accordance with the objectives set and specific to the client.

The duration of the therapy varies from one problem to another and from one client to another; it is not predictable. Several factors can affect the duration and frequency of sessions, for example, age, the problem targeted, the degree of severity, the frequency of meetings, the regularity of exercises, attention, the ability of the client to integrate information, etc.

Home Therapy:
The price of the therapy is identical to that of a session at the clinic. Travel expenses are charged in addition. The fare is based on the distance between your home and the clinic. Note that no Padovan session is performed at home. This method is used only in the clinic.

Speech Therapy


Fees (per session)

25-minute session
68 $
50-minute session
115 $
Padovan® session
(under 16 years old)
120 $ (for one therapist)
175 $ (for two therapists)
Adult Padovan® session 130 $ (for one therapist)
185 $ (for two therapists)

Occupational Therapy


Fees (per session)

25-minute session
62 $
50-minute session
100 $
Padovan® session
(under 16 years old)
110 $ (for one therapist)
165 $ (for two therapists)
Adult Padovan® session 120 $ (for one therapist)
175 $ (for two therapists)

Reimbursement of expenses

  • A receipt is given at each meeting.
  • Many insurance companies reimburse part or all of the costs related to professional services.

Contact your insurer for more information.