Julie Chrétien | Speech Language Pathologist

« I count on teamwork, a family ambiance and human kindness.
This approach resonates through to my clientele
with whom I maintain a personalized relationship. »

Julie Chretien’s dream was to open a two-site multiservice clinic to serve the clientele of western Montreal and its surrounding areas. She now works with professionals who are just as passionate as she in providing the best care and services possible. Julie Chrétien graduated with a Masters degree in speech language pathology from the University of Ottawa and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from UQAM. She began working immediately afterwards as a speech therapist and as a department director in speech therapy where she built a solid reputation through her capacity to analyze, her expertise as a clinician, her generosity and her ability to listen.

To perfect her clinical skills, Julie pursued different practical trainings. She is one of the few Quebec’s professionals to have completed the training to be a Padovan® therapist, an approach based on neurofunctional reorganization (or Padovan® method) that focuses on a global vision of the individual and his or her symptoms. She also trained for PECS (an alternative communication system), in the rehabilitation of the oral myofunctional disorders and for voice with the ESTILL training.

Julie makes every effort to be available for the clinic’s therapists and to ensure that all therapists feel supported in their practice so that they can work in an environment that is friendly, competent, professional and attentive.

She is passionate about her work. She is a dynamic and enlightened professional. She welcomes her clients in a warm and calm environment and is attentive to their individual needs.

Julie is a member of the Ordre des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes du Québec (OOAQ) and Quebec Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists (QASLPA).