The clinic was created in 2010 and since the summer 2014 has borne the name of Clinique Évolution. This private clinic saw the light of day thanks to the passion of speech language pathologist Julie Chrétien. Her professional background is solid and diversified. Her ability to demonstrate leadership has led to her to establish a warm and friendly environment composed of a small, qualified team. The clinic is designed to provide quality care tailored to the needs of families and provide proximity between clients and therapists. Ms Chrétien’s goal was to create a strong and skilled team tailored to the needs of its clients. This objective has been attained. The clinic’s welcoming, family environment helps build teamwork between the therapist and the client, that favours the client’s well being.

The clinic, which started out as a single-person endeavor, now boasts a multidisciplinary team including speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, “agentes de correction du langage” and one receptionist. The clinic’s therapists and clinicians offer diversified therapy to a large clientele: toddlers, preschool and school aged children, teenagers and adults with various difficulties.

Clinique Évolution proposes, among other things, a global therapeutic approach and neurofunctional reorganization (NFR) or the Padovan® Method. Most of our therapists have been trained in the Padovan® Method. Our slogan “let’s walk, let’s talk, let’s think” (« marchons-parlons-pensons ») refers to the interrelationship between the three major stages of life and is the theoretical and practical basis of our therapeutic approach.